Abeka Christian Preschool Curriculum At A Glance

Love of Learning

The Abeka preschool curriculum turns play time into learning time, laying a strong academic foundation that prepares each child for the next level of their educational journey.

Biblical Worldview

Not only is there a preschool Bible curriculum as part of the Abeka program, our entire program has been developed from a Christian worldview, planting seeds of faith in children all through the year.

Age Appropriate

Abeka is an age appropriate curriculum for preschool that takes into consideration the differences in motor skills and cognitive abilities among preschoolers. With Abeka, they’ll experience early success at realistic learning milestones.

Engaging and Fun

Any early childhood education program should recognize that preschoolers yearn for hands-on activities. The Abeka preschool curriculum fosters preschool learning with colorful, durable resources that invite lots of child involvement.

Easy to Use

Abeka’s preschool curriculum kits include plenty of guidance and direction for teachers. In fact, our preschool lesson plans are designed to help even first-time teachers succeed in the classroom.

Full Day Program

The program is designed to cater to children aged one to four years and operates from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. The morning segment of the program offers a structured instructional preschool curriculum, with separate classes tailored to meet the needs of each age group. Additionally, daycare services are offered as an extension of the preschool program and entail supervised and guided playtime, including lunch, rest, and snacks. It is worth noting that the activities conducted during the daycare session are less structured than those in the preschool morning session, thus allowing the children ample time for free play and socialization under the watchful eyes of the caregivers.

Half Day Program

The half-day programs are scheduled in accordance with the listed days. The morning session offers an instructional preschool program, which consists of separate classes for each age group. The program duration is from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. 

For three-year-olds and four-year-olds, the program is held on Monday through Thursday.

Fun Fridays= Extra Curricula Activities

  • Martial Arts of NC, Inc.

    Your child can:

    Learn balance & body control
    Develop Respect & Discipline
    Establish lifelong habits of physical activity


  • Happy Feet

    Happy Feet is a professionally developed child fitness soccer program based on 25 years of youth coaching experience.  Happy Feet programs are Great Fun and age-appropriate.  Our coaches visit your child's preschool once a week for the ultimate convenience, safety, and savings.  www.sandhillshappyfeet.com